Marcantonio Hotel in Rome

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Touch and Go

In our age of omnipresent highways and high-speed trains, long distances are no obstacle any more, which means you can always get away for a short holiday or a city-break weekend.

Whether celebrating an anniversary, enjoying special time with your loved one, out on an exploration getaway or even just giving your own self a short break to unwind, you can never go wrong with choosing the extraordinary beauty of Rome, the Navel of the World.

The Marcantonio Hotel in Rome will be glad to contribute with its hospitality and recommend the best routes, as well as point you to the secret locations of the best Roman flavour among the innumerable restaurants of the Capital.

It’s hard to say, what will impress you the most. Rome the Capital is a living experience in itself, full of shops and great shopping centres, whatever the object of your desires!

And in the evening, the vibrant nightlife will overwhelm you! At Monti, just around the corner from the Hotel Marcantonio, in Trastevere, the beautiful squares of Santa Maria ai Monti and Santa Maria in Trastevere will tempt you with countless restaurants, for an evening of culinary joy.

Do not forget, hand in hand, to look for the Trevi fountain, the spot made for lovers: the tradition has it, if you fill a glass from its waters and drink it together, your love for each other will never run dry. Or just drop a coin in its waters for good luck.