Marcantonio Hotel in Rome

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Stay in Rome

Four good reasons to visit Rome


Holiday and Recreation

Rome, a city of undisputed beauty, the capital of Italy and of the World, is a popular destination for anyone looking to enjoy a holiday full of entertainment and fun, as well as of inimitable Roman hospitality.
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Work and Sport

The Marcantonio Hotel in Rome is a warm, bright and friendly with everything you need to business travelers, for short transits and for longer stays; but it is not just business! Even sports, so sports in all its disciplines.
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Touch and Go

Whether celebrating an anniversary, enjoying special time with your loved one, out on an exploration getaway or even just giving your own self a short break to unwind, you can never go wrong with choosing the extraordinary beauty of Rome, the Navel of the World
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Faith and Spirit

For thousands of years, Rome has been a place of pilgrimage and religious worship, which has also left its unmistakable mark on the City’s layout. Certain s and routes have been designed especially to create straight links between various places of worship during commemoration processions of the Popes through the ages.
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